Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Out with the girls

Sometimes, you just need some time out with the girls. Over the past few weeks, I've been enjoying some much needed catch-up time with cherished friends and co-workers.

After all day in our cubicles glaring at a computer or in meetings, this was looking pretty good! Sangria, $28, (split five ways) at Empanada Mama.

Guacamole with plantain chips, $6.95, a refreshing change to tortilla chips. The cost of this was also shared.

My corn flour empanada with steamed potatoes, carrots and lima beans, $2.40, and a spinach arepas, $5.40, a traditional South American corn patty.

Frugal: bringing your lunch to work, which I do most days. But I also like to partake in the many dining options in New York City. Said it before, will say it again: if you're going to spend money eating out - eat it there, not in front of your cubicle checking e-mail. Note to self: follow your own advice, stop eating lunch (even brown-bagged) checking e-mail!

Better idea: at Hummus Kitchen, enjoying a pomegranate lemonade with fresh mint leaves, $2.50.

The mezze trio: $9:50. I chose for my three choices hummus, curried cauliflower and couscous tabule (good, little less parsley, please!) Served with warm pita bread.

Cheers! A raspberry margarita, $4, at Blockheads.

My single friend and I had a laugh over Jane in Britcom Coupling wincing over that they make you check off a box for single on the census form, but leave no room for an explanation. True!

No laughing matter: the great vegan options at Blockheads. The no-dairy burrito (with black beans and organic brown rice) in a a whole wheat tortilla with side salad, $8. Check out the tofu sour cream!

Not laughing, but simply smiling and grateful, for the many strong, independent and intelligent women I know. Women need positive spirits in their life - and I have them. Sharing good food and drink along with conversation - all the better.

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