Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is in the air...

literally, at the Macy's Flower Show at Herald Square. I work in the area, so I stopped by. Old Hook Farm. Doesn't my angel statue I so admire look lovely next to the sea of yellow? Van Saun County Park in Paramus, NJ, where the carousel is now open. I say you are never too old to enjoy a ride.

Outside the children's play area, a boost up for thirsty, more petit, park goers.

A quiet brook.

I dreamt I had a picnic lunch of eggless 'egg' sandwiches, potato salad, lemonade, peanut butter cookies and fresh fruit.

I thought what a lovely name to give an iris. the Pascack Brook Park in Westwood, NJ. Oh how I would love to linger with a book on the bench by the waterside. Our adopted doggy had other plans. There's a lot to sniff, after all!

A kite took flight.

Beautiful paths beckoned a stroll.

Dusk and geese swam. The water was aglow.

Outdoor celebrations were had in the sunshine. Birthdays shouldn't just be celebrated by the young and then dreaded in later years. Give thanks, always, for another year granted. Give thanks each day for another day granted.


Chessbuff said...

Nice photos. It was a very nice day to be at Van Saun Park yesterday. I took Fidelma there for one hour in the morning and two in the afternoon. Washington's Spring is once again overrun with water lilies (whatever they are)but one can see how clear and clean the spring water is in some exposed parts. The purest things can only come from nature. And why does the sun have to set on such a beautiful day?

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Thanks so much. Our dog loves the park so much, he's ready to leap out the window by the time we drive up.

We were pondering ourselves what greenery was in Washington Spring. All those bridges are just magical.