Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Vegan Sweet Life

Watched La Dolce Vita, The Talent Mr. Ripley (for the Italy and the Jude Law eye candy) and Roman Holiday? Check. Got a little carried away and got my hair cut shorter inspired Audrey Hepburn's transformation. Done it! Well, not that short. With my travel books from the library, I'm off to enjoy some of the vegan good life in Italy!

While there, I hope to eat some delicious vegan pizza and soy gelato, drink Campari, Prosecco and a Bellini (not all at once, though!), and just savor as much as I can.

Two important dates coming on Sunday, October 4th. The Action Against Hunger food drive in Northern New Jersey is being held. They hope to raise over 100 tons of food. Bring wholesome vegan items to any of these locations.

In New York City, Farm Sanctuary is holding its Walk for Farm Animals. President and co-founder Gene Baur and CNN's Jane Velez-Mitchell will be speaking too. Can't make it to any of their walks? Donate online whatever you can afford to give.

Can't afford to give right now? Resolve to do one thing for farm animals that week. Ask your company to supply soy milk for coffee for your office refrigerator if they don't already. Or check out their action alerts and become an armchair activist.

Some Italian music for the road, Eros Ramazzotti (plus Cher!)

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