Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rejuvenating the Spirit at Tea & Sympathy

I love many British things...the comedies (from classic campy fare like Keeping up Appearances and Mr. Bean to more modern shows like Coupling); a good 'cuppa' tea; I even like rainy weather. And of course one of my favorite restaurants in New York City, Tea & Sympathy. I feel like not only has my stomach been nourished after a meal here, but so has my soul.

Tables are tiny (as is the restaurant), but it adds to the charm.

You always get a charming, often kitschy, tea pot. I've gotten everything including Alice in Wonderland, teddy bears, cats, and Queen Elizabeth adorning the pots. On this visit, I opted for always delicious blackberry tea, while my friend went for fragrant vanilla mint. $4.50 a pot.

Broccoli soup, $6.95 for a bowl. They always have a non-dairy, vegetarian soup of the day. Interesting varieties I've tried include spinach as well as celery.

Fresh beet and onion salad on mixed greens, $8.50. The perfect accompaniment to my soup.

My friend had the lentil casserole, $11.95. So hearty on a cold winter's night.

When I go into Carry On Tea & Sympathy, the shop next store, I always feel like Hermoine Granger, waiting for Harry and Ron to meet me to get some treats after passing our latest exam at Hogwarts. You'll find all tea-related things here, as well as British foods for your pantry.

Tea & Sympathy, 108 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY.

Poor Richard Bucket stands up to Hyacinth on the classic, Keeping Up Appearances.

One of Steve's famous rants on Coupling.

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